You’ve got the prettiest flowers in town, and they sit patiently waiting to get snatched up from your new plant benches.

Inside your store, you’ve got the most knowledgeable staff in the county eager to help, but your phone isn’t ringing and cars aren’t pulling in like they used to. The waiting game isn’t going to pay your staff salaries, so why not arm yourself with customer-driving ammunition? This is where a well-thought-out website and social media campaign for your garden center does the work for you. 

The absolute best part of garden center websites and social media campaigns is that you’ve got some of the most photogenic subject matter out there. You’ve got items for sale that people paint, photograph, and collect. People want to look at your product because of the innate beauty it holds. Your garden center’s website should focus on those specimens of beauty and allow the flowers to do all the sweet talking to get those cars into your parking lot!

Allow the team at Bloom Garden Marketing to come in and transform your outdated or non-existent website and social media campaign into a vibrant one that will undoubtedly drive customers and, in turn, drive sales through the roof!


The Basics of Selling Flowers by Using Them

There has been an age-old saying in the garden center business and nursery industry: “What’s in bloom sells!” If a customer cannot see these blooms, there’s almost no chance they’ll buy them. We’ve come up with a list of five quick tips on how and why a website that highlights more than just your address and phone number can work for you! 

1. Go Beyond Basic

Clicking into a garden center web design that has a beautiful banner of blooms will excite the flower-loving customer on the other side of the screen and entice them to buy flowers before they’re even in your store! Clicking onto a garden center website with nothing but the necessary information like location and business hours is one step above not having a website. You want your website to inform the customer where you are and what you have to offer: the flowers, potting soils, and other items they might not even be considering! 

2. Go Beyond Desirable Flowers

For your website to work for you, it must incorporate every aspect of your shop. The plants that people might have searched for in their search bar will drive them to your site, and that’s where you can capitalize on their attention by reminding them of other offerings you have. A strategically placed add for those birdbaths that aren’t selling directly under a picture of your new shipment of hydrangeas will pique the attention of customers with an otherwise focused shopping list. Your website should drive them to hydrangea, but have them leaving with arms full of other hardgoods!

3. “Hey, Look at This Cool Plant!”

Your garden center’s social media account is a beneficial tool in getting your beautiful plant merchandise onto the screens of potential customers and past patrons alike. The significant part of a well-organized social media campaign is that you can employ your followers’ help with almost no effort at all. If you’re able to snap and share a magnificent flower in bloom, post it to your social media, it will become an instant “must-have” for the floral fans in your follower. If those fans share that photo with others, you’ll end up with a chain reaction! 

4. Quality Photographs = Quality Plants

Too often, garden center websites are pieced together in spare moments of the day by a staff member working between customers. This lack of concentration and devotion to the project can sometimes lead to hurried posts and website content. The last thing you want your website to supply is a rushed and lackluster staff. Having a polished website, complete with clear photos and content, will comfort the website viewer by showing them you care about quality. If you have a website that is less than 100% perfect, it may reflect upon your plants as well. If you have misspelling or grammatical issues on your website and people catch that, they may lose respect for your business. 

5. Be the Leader of the Pack

Take a moment to take a peek at your local competitors’ websites and social media campaigns, and take notes! If they have a website that showcases a few plants, make sure that the plants you’ve decided to showcase are even more exotic and alluring. When they run a social media campaign on marigolds, run one equally as enticing, and then some! The best way to be ahead of the game is to know what cards your competitors plan to play. You can easily stack the chips in your favor by including this inside knowledge into your garden center marketing digital strategy. 


When Will You Find The Time?

Between working ten plus hours a day running a garden center and having a life outside of work, when do you have a moment to breathe, let alone develop a polished digital marketing campaign? Even if you find the time, where do you even begin, especially if your website has become slightly outdated and your social media has heard nothing but crickets? Don’t worry; you can let the pros worry about that for you. The overall investment will pay for foot traffic, ticket sales, and overall accountability on the web. Polishing up your website is only tiptoe into the water of how lucrative your digital marketing campaign can be. The sky is the limit!

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