To professionals that live, breathe, and rely on plants for their livelihood, every day seems like a great day to buy a geranium.

Those geraniums aren’t going to sell themselves unless people can see them in person. The visual stimulation of vibrant red flowers and the physical excitement of the pubescent leaves practically propel the flowers onto garden carts. How do you get those shoppers in front of those geraniums? This is where a polished digital marketing strategy for your garden center comes into place. Given the right website and social media campaign, you can have those shoppers placing geraniums on their cart before they even arrive in your parking lot. 


The Variation of Seasons and Need for an Ever-Evolving Website

A digital marketing strategy for your garden center, floral shop, or greenhouse operation doesn’t start with a website alone. For a website to be useful, it needs to be maintained, just like a garden does. As you peer over your flower tables from spring to fall and note changes in the offerings, your website absolutely must reflect the same changes. Instead of a static landing page for your website, an ever-evolving front page is crucial to getting feet on your floors. 


Where to Start

Digital marketing today is the equivalent of having your name in the Yellow Pages back in the ’70s. You’re absolutely off of the radar of many customers. Think of it this way; there are over 4.2 billion internet users worldwide, with 3.2 million on some social media platform. That’s a whole bundle of people punching letters into a search engine. Can they find you? A polished digital marketing strategy that integrates new products, promotions, and professional support is like having a whole chapter in the Yellow Pages for a fraction of the cost. That cost could be your entire garden center marketing budget!

As of 2018, 6 out of 10 small businesses do NOT have a website (WPForms). If you live in an area with about the same number of competitors, you’ll be above more than half of the pack by having a website alone. To help you climb to the absolute top, you can have a digital marketing strategy that makes your website and social media. A website that looks as though a freshman put it together for a final project in their computer science course could turn customers away. A complicated page with too much content could confuse people and lead to page bounce almost immediately. Finding the sweet spot of eye-catching content and pertinent information is vital, but do you have time for that?


Bait Potential Buyers With Blooms

Even with the most meticulous watering practices, a well-kept greenhouse, and deadheading, geraniums will only last two weeks tops on your tables before it starts looking less than fantastic and is a candidate for a discount. Either way, that’s money that you’re not making, and labor expended keeping them alive. Digital marketing for your garden center does the magic for you! 

If those same geraniums were to grace your social media page’s presence, they’d be in higher demand than those that are only gazed upon by physical foot traffic. Customers who haven’t thought about geraniums this season might now thing otherwise! Even after the timeframe has passed where they’re fetching enough to sell for full price, a social media only sale will create revenue for plants would otherwise be a loss. The ability to promote your plants through digital marketing transcends the age-old tactics of running an ad in the local paper or even temporary sale signs put up around your store. It catches people while they’re not necessarily thinking about buying anything and lures them in. 

Digital marketing is especially helpful in the slower season, including the dog days of summer and cold winter weeks that seem to drag on forever. During these exceptionally quiet seasons, you can drive traffic to your store through your website by promoting overlooked items at your store. 

Imagine your garden center running a sale on sprinklers in the middle of summer to generate a little extra revenue before fall. How much more effective would it be if your thousands of followers on Facebook saw a photo of a toddler playing in a sprinkler, or a satisfied older female sprinkling her victory garden? Compare that to the florescent paper sign you have been hanging by your sales sprinklers. It’s very apparent which method will sell more sprinklers!

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What Can Bloom Digital Marketing for Garden Centers Do for Me?

Starting a digital marketing strategy for your garden center begins with you, and is certainly not a one-size-fits-all project. There is no magic equation that works for every store; that’s why we work with you to develop a plan of attack that works for you and your marketing budget. We want your garden center website design to not only lure in the customers but make you proud of your online presence and greenhouse web design. You’ll be the website in town people trust and visit to find out what is in season and what’s in stock. The local garden club members will bookmark your page for quick reference at their next meeting. Your social media page will generate all the clicks and shares because it’s fresh, exciting, and new.


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