Garden centers’ social media pages are something like a blank check waiting to get cashed.

The trick is to find a healthy balance of content, amusing captions, and overall draw to remain fresh. Of course, your store is full of beautiful subject matter to snap photos of, but are you prepared to spend time cross-posting it, sharing with local garden groups, and coming up with witty captions? If you answered “yes,” you’ve got an excellent grasp as to the lucrative nature of having a social media presence for your garden center. Read on to learn a few tips and trick you may not have thought of. If you shrugged and balked at the extra work, read on, you won’t regret it!

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A Tale of Two Garden Center Facebook Pages

Note: This is a story of two garden centers in the south. Both have an equal amount of acreage and employees, but that’s where the similarities end. The most significant difference, you would think, is that one had a much higher traffic count on the street they’re on, but that isn’t the case!

There sit two different garden centers in an area that has been exploding with e-commerce jobs, manufacturing plants, and new construction. We’ll call them Garden Center A and Garden Center B. Garden Center A has been a pillar of the community for over 50 years, but nothing much has changed with the property’s structure and overall layout. The building remains a dated and weathered gray color, and the staff can act just as weathered as the building looks. Garden Center B has been around a while, too. Despite being in a prime roadside location, their doors seldom look open, and the parking lot almost always barren. There are signs of life inside, but nobody is curious enough to pull in and explore what they might have to offer. Secretly, they hold some of the most treasured and hard to find cultivars of many plants, but nobody knows!

Garden Center A hasn’t put much financial investment into a chic new exterior remodel of their building or fancy billboards all over town; they took their investment to the internet. Upon realizing that they were practically invisible to those looking for them online, they reached out for help in developing a digital marketing campaign that fully encompassed all they had to offer. A considerable part of that campaign was their social media, including the creation of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Garden Center B realized they were lagging and decided that they’d have to get on the social media bandwagon as well. They employed one of the weekend loaders to set them up a Facebook page, and the next week, when the loader quit, he took all of the log-in information with him. Garden Center B had a social media presence, but one that they had no control over. There were now two Garden Center B social media pages, neither of which were doing them any favors. Typos, grammatical errors, and zero photos made the page even less inviting than the sagging doors on the front of their building. Feet were not flocking to fall on their floors from their Facebook, that’s for sure!


Harnessing the Power of Social Media

For Garden Center A, it took a bit of trial and error in finding the perfect person to run their social media campaign. Placing that responsibility upon someone needs to be thought out to avoid any “over posters.” In a way, your garden center’s social media page needs to reflect the personality you want your store to have. If you select the kid from the lot with excellent computer skills but poor grammar, you’ll more than likely end up with a sloppy page. A sloppy page could portray a disorganized store, and in turn, drive people away.

On the other hand, choosing the well-spoken yet otherwise grumpy bookkeeper to do the page can cast a different vibe on your garden center’s page. Posts with the beautiful subject matter you sell, yet no personality or humor, will be passed over and ignored. The trick is finding the balance between the two.

Putting your garden center on social media puts you in the power of what the world sees and, hopefully, shares. Eyes on your page equal potential buyers, especially shoppers that may not have heard of you before! Get that pen out, because with a polished garden center social media page, you’ll be adding zeros to those deposit slips every time you go to the bank!

We Do the Posts—You Get the Profits


What Makes a Social Media Page Great?

Having a Facebook page for your garden center is okay, but having a page full of photos, information, and promotions are phenomenal. Here’s a quick list of do’s and don’t for your garden center social media campaign! If it looks confusing or far too much work, don’t worry! The team here at Bloom would love to help you out. 


  • Post only pertinent pictures! Avoid anything too personal, or the general public may not get. 
  • Post only quality, high-resolution photos. A grainy picture will leave customers wondering what they’re looking at. Taking a clear snapshot of a gardenia dripping in the morning dew will have customers grabbing their keys much quicker than a fuzzy photo!
  • Post as often as you’d like, as long as your posts aren’t redundant. Place daily drops of pictures into one post with captions instead of several wordy posts. Too much content in a day may bury the more lucrative items and leave the clickbait at the top. 


  • Post any politics, personal matters, and any subject that isn’t directly associated with your garden center. Hot button issues may resound well with some shoppers, but drive others away. If you tether your personal page to the business account, make sure you keep that free of anything that may be controversial. 
  • Post anything that may come off as bad-mouthing or slamming any competition. Even though you might want to call out the store across town for having sporadic hours and poor plant quality, you want to maintain a level of esteem with other stores. They may send customers to you when they don’t have it!
  • Post anything and ignore responses or comments. When a customer comments on your photo, that’s a warm lead that could end with that customer buying that particular product. Offer details and answer any additional questions they may have as soon as you can!


Garden Center Social Media Made Easy

After looking at your garden center’s social media page, are you posting enough on Facebook and plugging your plants enough on Instagram? If not, we can help. Putting together a game plan for your store would be our pleasure!

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